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IV CBD for the Treatment of Cancer | Brio-Medical Webinar Dr. Nathan Goodyear MD

Updated: Feb 27

IV CBD for the Treatment of Cancer | Brio-Medical Webinar with Dr. Nathan Goodyear MD, MD(H)

Brio-Medical Cancer Clinic in Scottsdale, Arizona, is proud to announce CBD IV infusion as part of the 7-week integrative oncology programs for cancer patients diagnosed with all stages and types of cancer.

On this webinar, Dr. Goodyear will talk about:

  • How Brio-Medical Offers CBD IV infusion In The Integrative Oncology Program for Stage 4 Cancer Patients.

  • The prevalence of advanced-stage cancer and the traditional approaches to management.

  • An overview of cannabinoids, focusing on CBD and its interaction with the human body.

  • The development and principles behind CBD IV infusion.

  • Clinical observations and studies showcasing the potential benefits of CBD IV infusion for cancer patients.

  • Addressing common misconceptions surrounding cannabinoid infusion.

Dr. Goodyear welcomes all patients, caregivers, family members, and free thinkers curious about the evolving world of cancer treatment to join this complimentary informative session.


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