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Pico IV - started from a passion of science, hemp and innovation
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Pico IV unlabeled vials

Started with a passion for science, hemp,  & innovation...

Our passion goes well beyond just CBD & Science. The values we live by:



We are passionate about CBD. And that means pushing the limits on what we know, exploring the different ways it can be used, and creating new products that benefit all.



We believe the benefits of CBD should be available to everyone. We strive to create new products and new methods of taking CBD so there is something for everyone.



We don’t cut corners. We don’t fudge test reports. We don’t stop at “good enough.” We strive to make each product the best it can be, and publish the third-party test results to show it.

Our Purpose.

PICO IV was Founded in 2023, with a passion for hemp, science, and innovation. Our mission is to create products that make the benefits of hemp accessible to all.  By reducing the size of the traditionally hydrophobic CBD particle with nanotechnology, we were able to fully encase it in water. And with water-solubility making new types of products possible, it meant a sterile CBD IV solution was that much closer.


Our team went to work, created new technology, and for the first time, was able to reduce the size of CBD so it’s small enough to pass through a sterile filtration process. After extensive testing, we confirmed that a truly sterile CBD solution now exists. We are proud to offer this innovative product as a way to help you offer a new level of care and complement your functional and regenerative medicine.

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